Our Role

To support our members' commitments to providing Australian consumers with healthy, affordable, safe seafood.


The SIAA is a national trade association registered under the NSW Associations Incorporation Act. It has operated since 1964. Its members are companies whose business, wholly or partly, involves importing seafood into Australia. Most members sell both Australian and imported seafood. The members are bound by a Code of Practice, which is a condition of membership.

The SIAA provides a forum for discussion for its members, and a united voice for their agreed views. It represents them in consultative committees, workshops and conferences, and in relevant dealings with industry, government, media and public. It provides technical advice to members on government legislation, regulations and policies; and on social responsibility issues. It is affiliated with other food industry associations and science networks.

The SIAA is governed by a committee of ten members and has an executive chairman.

Norm at VN Trade Commission Aug 2019a

Norm Grant


Norm has a lifetime of experience in the Australian seafood industry, having started his career on the back deck of a trawler off Forster, more decades ago than he likes to remember!

As a condition of membership, all members of the Seafood Importers Association of Australasia have made a written declaration to abide by the code of conduct