All members of the Seafood Importers Association of Australasia have signed up to the code of conduct outlined below;

SIAA Member Code of Conduct

1. Having a Properly Structured Business
WE AGREE to comply with Federal, State and Territory laws in regard to business registrations, fair trading, employment, occupational health and safety, accounting practices, record keeping and taxation.

2. Having Adequate Insurances
WE AGREE to maintain appropriate and adequate insurances for the protection of our businesses, our employees and consumers.

3. Being Qualified to Import Seafood
WE AGREE to ensure our businesses are managed and operated by people with relevant and adequate qualifications and/or knowledge of Australian laws, business and trading procedures, transport and logistics, and products and markets - appropriate to their roles and tasks.

4. Good Business Practice
4. WE AGREE to observe good business practice in relation to all aspects of trading, including procurement, logistics and transport, and marketing / sales and promotion.

5. Product Traceability
WE AGREE to implement and maintain adequate systems of record keeping for the purposes of product traceability and product recalls.

6. Handling Customer Complaints
WE AGREE to implement and maintain adequate systems to record and deal with client or consumer complaints promptly, fairly and diligently - and in accordance with relevant laws.

7. Corporate & Social Responsibility
WE AGREE to implement and maintain programs to address corporate and social responsibility to the Australian community and to relevant exporting countries.

8. Importing Safe Food
WE AGREE to import seafood that is safe to consume, safe for the environment, and is suitable for the purpose intended.

9. Product Sustainability
WE AGREE to import only seafood that complies with the laws of the exporting country and international conventions in regard to safe and sustainable food production.

10. Labour Conditions
WE AGREE to import seafood that complies with Australian laws and those of the exporting country in regard to worker occupational health & safety, employment and fair labour practices; and is not knowingly the output of modern day slavery.

11. Fair Trading
WE AGREE to comply with Federal, State and Territory laws in regard to competition, consumer protection and fair trading; including correct net weight, correct labelling of product descriptions and country of origin; and the use of the Australian Standard for fish names.

12. Opposing Malpractice
WE AGREE NOT to deliberately mislead, misinform or engage in any malpractice in dealings with authorities, clients or the public.

13. Supporting Professional Development
WE AGREE to implement programs for the professional development of management and staff to ensure they are kept abreast of relevant Australian and State laws, and to encourage best practice in all aspects of our business.

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