Consultative Committee's

The Association represents it members on these various forum's;

  • Department of Agriculture Imported Food Consultative Committee
  • Department of Agriculture Biological's (biosecurity) Consultative Committee
  • NSW DPI Seafood Industry Forum
  • Standards Australia - Fish Names Committee
  • National Measurement Institutes Consumer and Industry Liaison Committee
  • SafeFish Steering Committee
  • Department of Home Affairs Modern Slavery Consultative Committee
  • plus......Various sustainability initiatives such as MSC processes, WWF Seafood Traceability Forum

Since 1993

How the Association helps

The Association acts as a bridge between our busy members who are sourcing seafood from around the globe (including Australia!) and the various consultative and media processes that need to be addressed to ensure that business stays abreast of all relevant developments and understands societal needs.

The Association also acts a strong bond with foreign governments who want to understand relevant Australian rules and regulations and Australian consumer values.

It also can help, keep the media informed regarding production standards adopted in overseas supplier countries and how these standards are constantly changing to keep pace with global requirements around food safety, sustainability and social welfare concerns, such as those defined in the Australian Modern Slavery legislation.

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Next Steps...

For further information about the role of the Association, and Imported seafood generally, look up the FAQ's or contact us.