COVID-19 & Seafood Safety: Talking Points for Seafood Counter/Wait Staff

  • All the major food safety experts agree that you cannot get COVID from eating or even touching seafood.
  • Since the start of COVID, people have eaten billions of meals and not one person has gotten sick from it.
  • Doctors and nurses, the modern day heroes, say that seafoods like salmon are really important to support a healthy immune system.  Eating fish now is especially important for our bodies.
  • COVID gets people sick when they breathe it.  You cannot get COVID from eating seafood.  It just doesn’t go from your stomach to your lungs.
  • The FDA, CDC, World Health Organization and all the major expert groups continue to say that the food supply is safe.
  • We follow strict public health guidelines, with food safety systems and best practices in place.

This information can also be found on the generic seafood and Covid-19 website:

Coronavirus Talking Points