Fresh vs Frozen Seafood

FRDC has released a new frozen seafood cookbook and the results of some research into fresh vs frozen seafood.

The FRDC tested if there were any sensory or culinary differences between fresh and frozen product of the same species. Two evaluation groups were used: chefs from high-end restaurants (with a focus on seafood) and experienced seafood panellists. Both groups tasted raw sashimi cuts of the selected fish as well as cooked samples of the fish.

As it turned out, both groups could not readily identify which sample of the fish species was frozen and which was chilled.

This testing has shown that fish handled well and frozen rapidly, soon after harvest and processing, cannot be differentiated by eating quality from chilled (‘fresh’) fish. Additional testing showed the same results for a range of well-known Australian species used up to a 6-month frozen storage period.

The results open the ‘freezer’ door for both producers and consumers to reduce reliance on short-shelf-life fresh fish by offering greater flexibility and stability for what can be eaten and when it is available. Ultimately, using frozen seafood can help to improve sustainability because it lasts longer and reduces wastage.

Find the cookbook here:

And a full write up of the R&D here: