Imported seafood comes with many third party, independently assessed, certifications that demonstrate the standards that are met by these products.

Sustainability standards are outlined below;

Seafood Sustainability

Third Party Certifications and other approaches

With the advent of ever more powerful fishing vessels and fish finding technology in the 1970's and 80's it became important to ensure fisheries did not become overfished. So by the 1990's methods to assess a fisheries sustainability status were developed, stemming out of the Caddy checklist from FAO.

Following the food safety industry model Third  Party Certifications were created and a benchmarking platform - GSSI (Global Seafood Sustainability Initiative) was set up to ensure the third party schemes were credible.

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Some fisheries are either too small or have a lack of hard fisheries data to meet these third party scheme requirements. Thus in recent times an alternative assessment approach, often termed Responsibly Sourced, has been developed. This is still independently assessed but uses a more qualitative rather than quantitative approach to assess the status of a fishery.

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