Providing income, jobs and affordable food for Australians

About five billion dollars is generated every year by businesses within Australia from the sale of imported seafood.

About 28,000 jobs in Australia’s food manufacturing, retail and food service sectors are supported by this trade.

Our member companies supply Australian retailers and foodservice outlets with approximately half of all the seafood imported into Australia. Or to look at it another way around 1 in 3 of the seafood meals eaten in Australia. This is around 750 million seafood meals per year provided to Australian consumers.

At the same time we ensure imported seafood is one of the safest foods consumed by Australians, as well as one of the healthiest.

Production standards for internationally traded seafood, especially from regions such as Southeast Asia, are now among the highest in the world.

Environmental sustainability, for both wild catch and farmed seafood, can now be verified by independent certification to internationally benchmarked standards.

Worker welfare is being addressed through organisations such as the UN ILO and can also be verified to acceptable international standards by independent certifiers.

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